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Vegas episode

some spoilers

I didnt like the blonds, they were rude to the couple, her little fake good try

I'm glad the couple won, they should have been on couple fear factor they were cute, and really cared, when she was pukeing he was rubbing her back, and when he said it was ok about her not being able to eat the thing, he REALLY MENT IT, and as Joe said "thats true love she just puke and he kissed her."

next week looks neat

Joe was on Los Vegas the show I'm still watching cuz I'm hopeing he will be on more

watchs Los Vegas after Fear factor to see Joe, Spoilers for what happen on Los Vegas ONLY the part with Joe

I love JOE'S facial expressions thats what makes him SO GREAT!!!!! The chicks on the show are trying to suck up to Joe to get on fear factor and the chick was eating gross stuff, and Joe was giving her this looks like ok your werid HE'S SO GREAT. The stupid chicks though he picked the constests. Then found out that he doesnt.
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